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Our brands

Pharmaxim has a large number of brands. We have divided them into three product areas: Human Health, Animal Health and Veterinary Medicines.

Human Health

The human health product area has become Pharmaxim's largest and this is where we are growing the most right now. We handle most customers and have a wide range of products. We work with everything from pure wholesale operations to developing new products and concepts. All this is done in close cooperation with our customers and suppliers. We strengthen the cooperation through distribution or cooperation agreements and where we do not have a cooperation, we offer our own products. We know and follow the legislation and are very familiar with the EU cosmetics legislation. Our activities cover these areas: hair care,skin care,body care,dentalcare,intimate hygiene,medical products,heavy chemical products,specialtyproducts.

Colour Bomb
Dialon Baby
Easy Eyes
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Liance Professional

Animal Health

Animal care is an area that has always been close to Pharmaxim's heart. In this segment we have our own products and distribution assignments. Our main segments are disinfection, control and animal hygiene, i.e. everything around the animals that makes them feel good. We also have supplementary products and veterinary medicine and are well acquainted with the KEMI legislation in the Nordic countries.






Camphor ointment

Environmental Code




Banminth® vet.

Veterinary medicines

Pharmaxim has its origins in veterinary medicine, a field in which we still work very actively. We have extensive knowledge of both veterinary medicines and the treatment and care of animals. Our product portfolio includes both non-prescription and prescription medicines for animals.