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About us

Pharmaxim is primarily a brand owner but also distributes other companies' brands. We prefer an exclusive distributor model where Pharmaxim manages everything from marketing and sales to customer service and logistics through its own warehouse from which we deliver customized goods to both individual stores and larger central warehouses in the Nordic region. We choose sustainable, quality/environmentally certified and nearby manufacturers of the products included in our brand portfolio. Many of our suppliers manufacture in Sweden or a Nordic country. We consider the Nordic region as our home market and we sell to end customers through wholesalers and retailers in all relevant channels.

Our product segments

  • Hair care
  • Skin care
  • Body care
  • Dental care
  • Intimate hygiene
  • Hand disinfection
  • Infection control products (disinfection)
  • Biocides
  • Non-prescription veterinary medicines
  • Veterinary medicines


This is Pharmaxim

The company was formed in 2003 as a spin-off when Pfizer bought Pharmacia and has evolved from a small pharmaceutical company mostly focused on animal care, to a company that today has a turnover of almost 200 million. A major shift came in 2009, when a new leg of the business was created with a focus on the consumer side and in health, hygiene and beauty with sales to the low-price market in the Nordic region. It was a great journey as turnover tripled. Eventually, Pharmaxim started developing its own brands and the first success was Liance®, launched in 2016. It is a series of hair care products developed with a focus on quality for a slightly younger target group through, for example, vegan recipes and manufactured in Sweden. The next big step was that the company was sold in 2018 to the company group Lotorp in Stockholm. With new owners came new capital and new skills. Three years later, the first major additional acquisition took place in the form of the brands Salubrin®, Dialon®, Gripen® and Jukon®. Owning old strong brands means that we can build long-term growth for the long term. But for the growing company, the premises in Helsingborg became more and more of a patchwork of extensions. It was time to move to a newly built adapted property with both 400 square meters of office and 3200 square meters of warehouse in Landskrona. Nowadays, several deliveries a day go from here to over 500 customers in the Nordic region, ranging from the large ICA group to small agricultural traders far out in the Finnish countryside.


What we want

Pharmaxim's goal is to double its turnover and profitability over the next 10 years through both the development of its own brands and the acquisition of new ones. The vision is that there will be a Pharmaxim product in every Nordic home and on every farm.
We therefore work continuously to improve and develop our business. This also includes constantly improving the environmental and quality aspects. Pharmaxim is a process-driven company with systems for deviation management and follow-up. This means that we work in a methodical and continuous way to improve the business. We continuously evaluate and develop the organization's working methods and processes to increase the quality of everything we do. We know that well-managed and close relationships with customers and suppliers are our most important success factor. We are constantly working to reduce our climate impact in the form of emissions, resource use and energy consumption throughout the value chain from manufacturing to finished product.


Who we are

We are a highly committed team of currently 16 agile employees who share a passion to improve the health and well-being of people and animals through our quality brands every day at work.


Human Health

The human health product area has become Pharmaxim's largest and this is where we are growing the most right now. We sell through retailers in many different channels and have a wide range of products. We work with everything from pure wholesale operations to developing new products and concepts under our own brands. All this is done in close cooperation with consumers, customers and suppliers. We are well acquainted with all the regulations that apply to our range. This can be the Biocides Directive, EU cosmetics legislation and rules on rights, trademarks and import/export/transport. Our business covers these areas: hair care, skin care, body care, dental care, intimate hygiene, medicinal products, heavy chemical products, specialty products. Our activities cover these areas: hair care, skin care, body care, dental care, intimate hygiene, hand disinfection, medical devices. Biocides and Household cleaning.


Animal Health

Animal care is an area that has always been close to Pharmaxim's heart. In this segment we have our own brands but also distribution assignments. Our main segments are infection control products (disinfection), biocides, fur care, animal health care, i.e. everything around the animals that makes them feel good. We are well acquainted with all the regulations that apply to our range. This can be anything from the Biocides Directive to the Swedish Board of Agriculture's regulations for hunting and animal husbandry.



Pharmaxim's Human Health products are available in all relevant channels from grocery stores and discount stores to pharmacies and e-commerce. Our Animal Health products are sold in stores aimed at farmers, hunters and animal owners, as well as in construction stores and e-commerce. But they are also available at wholesalers to professional animal husbandry companies.Our Veterinary drugs are available in Pharmacies if they are non-prescription and those that are prescription-only must first be prescribed by a veterinarian and then collected in pharmacies. See our brands.



We choose sustainable, quality/environmentally certified and local manufacturers for the products in our brand portfolio. We have well-established partnerships with a number of suppliers with whom we develop and refine our range of own brands or in some cases distribute theirs. Most of our suppliers manufacture in Sweden or a Nordic country.


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